Best Torrent Sites That Still Work Awesomely this Year

Want to know the Best Torrent Sites That Still Work Awesomely this Year? You need the best torrent sites that are safe and that work if you want to get the files, like movie torrent files, that you need. Yes, torrent sites often get blocked, and so you might no longer find the sites you used to visit. Don’t fret, though, because Open Torrent File gives you the 10 best torrent sites that still work to date. Pair these sites with your torrent downloaders that you can easily get from software torrent sites and you’re sure to have the best experience with downloading ever!

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Things to remember about torrent sites

Great torrent sites are noted easy to get. It’s common for great torrent websites to be unavailable suddenly. The bad thing is that many torrent sites are dangerous to use.

Torrent sites are constantly changing to avoid a shutdown, and that means they are not always secure. They are therefore enabling hackers to take advantage of torrent sites by infecting them with dangerous malware and unnecessary spamming. In this regard, visit only torrent sites with secure and strong VPNs, which intend to block your IP address and encrypt your traffic to protect your identity online. It is crucial if you want to hide your torrenting activity from your ISP.

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The Pirate Bay – Best torrent overall site

The Pirate Bay has had a rough and long struggle, but this fan-favorite keeps growing strong. With millions of torrents available in various categories, along with support for magnet links and a straightforward and user-friendly interface, The Pirate Bay remains to be functional to give you your torrent needs. 

  • The most popular torrent tracker in the worldwide
  • Avoided several shutdowns and blocks
  • VIP/Trusted user tags let you know which torrents are legitimate and safe

RARBG–Famous for the New Content

RARBG has been in existence since 2008 and has built a reputation for its high-quality torrents and user-friendliness, as well as constant new additions. However, it is not accessible in some countries.

  • Engaging community and lots of seeding
  • Huge variety of new and old torrents
  • Top 10 lists for movies, shows, music, and many other categories

1337x – Popular Torrent Search Option

1337x aids you in finding a torrent you’ll love even if you don’t know what you’re looking for because of its simple, organized interface. The website is popular as it recently underwent a massive rework improvement with its layout and the elimination of severe security risks.

  • Excellent variety of TV Shows, movies, music, and games
  • Helpful and important browsing features – Oscar nominations, new episodes, libraries
  • Revamped interface makes the tracker much better

Torlock – Best for Anime and Ebooks

TorLock combines a massive list of torrents with fantastic user experience, especially if you’re looking for high-quality anime episodes or reading materials that are unavailable on other trackers.

  • A wide variety of ebooks, active anime, and clean music torrent. 
  • User-friendly interface

Torrentz2 – Best for Music

Torrentz2 is the new repeat of the popular Torrentz website and an excellent choice for audio files. It has kept the original site’s simple interface and a heavy focus on music – it’s not uncommon to see decade-old torrents with 20+ seeders.

  • Great variety of music torrents
  • Extremely user-friendly

YTS – Best for Classic Movies

YTS focuses exclusively on filmS. The fantastic layout and massive variety of titles make it the ideal torrent site for movie enthusiasts. It is not heavy, therefore saving your bandwidth.

Overall, YTS is a fan favorite for movies, but since it doesn’t offer any other categories, you’ll have to pick another site from our list for games, music, or TV shows.

  • Great choice of classic and hard-to-find movies
  • Perfect for users with limited bandwidth
  • Easy to browse content

EZTV – Best for TV Shows

EZTV went through lots of dramas. These days, it is regarded as one of the famous and best torrent sites for TV shows, with lots of active community of fans. The older version interface may look a bit dated, but it’s user-friendly, and that’s what matters. Popular TV shows have their page on the site where you can find organized lists of all episodes available.

  • Fantastic options for TV Shows
  • Very engaging community, with many new episodes added daily
  • Super easy to navigate

Zooqle – Best Torrent Games Site

Zooqle has 600 TV shows and over 37,000 movies. Impressive for a site that is fairly new to the torrenting scene. The interface is robust overall but could use some minor improvements. Still, this torrent site is user-friendly and has the numbers to help you in your search. The loyal users generally like the direction Zooqle has taken in its development.

  • Over 3.5 million verified torrents
  • The right balance of entertainment and software
  • The huge fan base user-friendly interface for a newcomer

TorrentDownloads – Best for Obscure Torrent

TorrentDownloads is another top-rated torrent site because of its tidiness. Should the other trackers fail, this one is probably your best chance to find that old, rarely-used software you’ve been looking for or a little-known ebook you’ve been dying to read again.

  • Extensive and well-organized torrent library
  • Easy to navigate
  • Unfortunately blocked in many countries

LimeTorrents – Best Plan B is a fairly decent alternative if your favorite torrent site is down, but it has some shortcomings. The advantage of this tracker is the convenient user experience provided by the simple, user-friendly interface and organized layout.

  • Neat, user-friendly interface. Most torrents come from more prominent, better famous trackers


There are so many other sites that you can explore, and I bet you are spoilt for choice now when selecting the right torrent site to use. Which one do you think is best? Give your reviews on the comment box down below.

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